Prima Pugs

Where every pug has their day . . .

"My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet." ~ Edith Wharton

"Multum in parvo"

This age old Latin expression describes the Pug.  It means “A lot in a little package”. We don't know who said it first, but it's safe to say they knew pugs. 

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to share their life with a Pug understands just how deeply they touch the soul.  Pugs quickly become our best friends.  Pugs are often owned by more than one generation of a family. 

Pugs have long been favored for their unique and quirky personalities.  They are known as the “clowns of the dog world”. If you are looking for a companion dog, a Pug simply can’t be beat. They are loyal, constant and devoted friends. They will shower you with love and adoration. Pugs will stick with you like a shadow, craving your affection and attention. 

If you are looking for an independent, self sufficient dog, a Pug is probably not the best choice!  They do not wish to be left alone to amuse themselves. They want to be part of the family and included in everything.

These sweet creatures can be demanding at times. Pugs learn quickly, but sometimes obeying can be a different story. The word "stubborn" comes to mind. However, they do love to learn and are willing to please.  In case of resistance, food can be your best friend.  Pugs will do anything for even the tiniest scrap of food. Since food can be the center of their world, diet control is very important for their health. A Pug’s colossal appetite is legendary. If the subject is food, the answer is yes!